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Evan and Lara visit Florida

April 11, 2002

You can now veiw some of the photos from our trip.

We arrived late Wednesday night after driving all day though rainstorms.  The normally 9-hour trip took closer to 11 hours because of our need to stop more often.  We visited with the family until late in the evening.

I woke up early in Thursday morning to go to the Sun 'n Fun air show.  I spent most of the day at the air show, while Lara stayed home with Jennifer.  They went out, picked up Brittany from school and shopped for a while.  When I got back from the air show, Erin and Steve had picked up bar-b-que for dinner and brought it over.  Although, we come down to attend the air show, the real purpose of the trips is to visit with the family.  We stayed until 2:00 am visiting with Jennifer.

Friday, Lara and I started to go to the air show, but because of a late start, we got side tracked looking at RVs and furniture.  That evening we all had fun playing in the front yard with the next-door neighbors.  I had wanted to see Moulin Rouge! again for several weeks, so we rented it and watched it that night.  Between the full day of shopping, and the football game we were very tired, and decided to go to bed earlier.

Saturday was a different story.  Lara and I left around 10:00 am to go to the air show.  We primarily went so that we could visit a few of the exhibitors that I missed in Thursday.  However, we got sidetracked by the Citizen Air Patrol NASCAR simulator and free SCUBA diving demo.  Both were really fun.  The CAP has a Busch Series NASCAR race car.  They had a replica set up, which had a copy of the NASCAR video game set up in the drivers seat.  I was able to run a race where I came in 8th place. Next door to the Civilian Air Patrol, they had a large pool set up, and had all the equipment.  Once I put on the wetsuit (backwards), they let me put on a tank and swim around the pool for about 20 minutes.  In fact, I could have stayed longer, but Lara couldn't go, so she just had to watch.  We then continued on to the exhibits.  We spent about 5 hours at the air show before returning to Jennifer & Dennis's for a picnic with Jennifer's friends from Watkins.

The next morning, we decided to go out to breakfast.  Jennifer and Dennis went with Lara and I to Bob Evan's for a late breakfast while the kids stayed with my aunt and uncle.  After brunch, and a brief visit with my aunt and uncle, Lara and I went to visit with my grandmother.  We had a nice visit, which lasted about 3 hours.  We got back to Jennifer and Dennis' house just in time for dinner.  Although I was worn out, Lara stayed up talking with Jennifer until 1:00 am.

On Monday morning, we got up early to head back to Birmingham.  We had another long drive ahead of us, so we left Lakeland around 9:30 am.  On the drive back, we tried to catch up with Lara's aunt, uncle and cousin for dinner in Macon, GA, but our schedules couldn't work out.  Instead Lara and I had dinner outside of Atlanta at Truett's Grill.  It was a neat restaurant owned by the same people that own Chick-Fil-A.  It was opened in 1996 to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Chick-Fil-A.  The grill is a 50's style diner that serves a complete menu.  The parking lot is filled with antique cars from Truett Cathy's personal collection.