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A New Car For Evan

September 13, 2004

Ever since I saw it at the 2003 Auto Show last October, I had decided that the Acura TL was the car for me.  Although we came very close to purchasing the car in the spring during Memorial Day weekend, we decided to put it off until the end of summer.  After Labor Day weekend, we looked into pricing and availability of the car again.  After talking with dealers in Atlanta and Montgomery we actually stumbled across the interior/exterior color combiniation that Lara and I had agreed on with the features we wanted at the local Acura dealer.  Although initially we decided to wait a little while longer, on Monday morning Lara suprised me by telling me there was a sold sign on the car we had found, and after teasing me a little while, she told me that my name on was on the sign.  I took of work early that day to finish the paper work and take delivery of the car.  Then I began the fun of taking the car around and showing it off to my friends and family.