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Water Sports


In about 2002 my good friend Ken Fordam's family built a house down on Lake Martin, about an hour and a half south of Birmingham. He bought a jet ski and then a wake boarding boat. Although I had only skiied once in my life before then, and Ken had spent most of his life on the water, I gave water skiing a try. Since then I have gone over a dozen times and have actually gotten to where I can both ski and wake board. Below is a quick little video I did shown a few wipeout and a good set that my friend (and Ken's brother-in-law) did.

The first part is Brandon trying a wake-to-wake jump, but he doesn't land it. The second part is my first session from Labor Day weekend 2004. It had been about a month or so since I had been at the lake and I was just getting my footing when I tried a little pop of the lip of the wake. I landed it badly and hit the water pretty hard. In fact, it turns out that i reptured my eardrum on that landing. The last part is another session of Brandon where he actually gets a good set in.