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Mom's 50th Birthday

Happy Birthday,

From Evan and Lara




Brunch at the BroadMore Hotel: A family tradition.


Camping was always an activity that everyone in the family enjoyed. We took weekend trips to state parks all over Texas. One of the favorite summer-time destinations was Dinosaur Valley, but this trip to the TI Texans' Club on Lake Texhoma was also very fun.


The favorite camping trip every year, was the trip to Galveston, TX for Thanksgiving.

Pictures Around the House

Although we lived there for at least 12 years, I couldn't find many pictures of our house on Fresno Rd, but I couldn't resist putting these two "wonderful" pictures of mom on the web.


Although Mom always stressed about it, Christmas was always winderful around our house.

From the pajamas that Grandma made every year . . .

. . . to the delicious meals . . .

. . . to the amazing decorations

Christmas has always been a special time. Mom always worked extra hard to make every Christmas special.


I know that Mom and Dad were both very proud me when I graduated, but the truth is, I would have never made it as far as I did without their love and support.


My Wedding

Although I waited to the last minute to ask for her help, Mom really came thru, as she always does, to make my wedding extra special. Her quick work with decorations and planning made the reception extra beautiful.



Mother's Day 1999

It gets harder and harder thru the years to get everyone together for a holiday, but we still manage to have a good time when we can get together.



Thank you for all the wonderful memories that you have given Lara and I over the last 26 (and 10) years. We both love you very much.

With Love,

Evan and Lara