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Jeremy Christopher Keller

The following is an adaptation of a book created for people at the funeral.

Jeremy, 1975 to 2003

1975 Jeremy was three days old when he met his older brother, Evan.

1976 Jeremy got his first haircut from his Great Grandfather. He really didn't have enough to cut but Papa was a barber and wanted to give him his first haircut so a couple snips came off.

1977 Jeremy's second birthday.



1980 Jeremy's first day of school. He was so excited about riding the school bus.

1981 Evan, Zak and Jeremy.

1981 Indian Guides



1983 Jeremy, Zak and Evan at Daingerfield State Park, Texas.

1984 Cub Scouts Den 1 Pack 280

1985 Christmas morning. Every year Grandma Charlie made pajamas for the boys. They always looked forward to getting their "Gramma jammies" and wore them Christmas morning.

1986 Jeremy and his friend Ben Grothe were positive if they acted silly enough, people would think their bottles of IBC Root Beer were really Budweisers.

1987 From left to right: Jeremy, Evan, the new puppy Amanda, Zak, Rex the Wonder Dog and Mom.

1988 Mother's Day brunch

1989 Jeremy is confident his school, Selwyn, will be victorious over Evan and his Winston teammates.

1990 A summer visit to Florida to see grandparents included a trip to Disney MGM Studios. Since Evan is visible on the left, we're pretty sure Jeremy's "bunny ears" are courtesy of Zak.

1991 Left to right: Nick Shaffner, Evan and Jeremy. Every Thanksgiving the Kellers and the Shaffner family went camping on the beach at Galveston State Park, Texas.


1993 Zak, Jeremy and the family cat, Tuxedo. The art on the walls was done by Jeremy.

1994 Jeremy, helping decorate for his cousin Jennifer's wedding reception.

1995 City Stages Music Festival Birmingham, Alabama. Jeremy could nearly always get a Footbag kick circle going.

1996 The family went to Montreal, Canada were Jeremy competed in the Footbag World Championship.

1997 Jeremy's Apartment in Auburn, Alabama.

1998 Jeremy graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business.

1999 Christmas dinner. Left to right: Mom, Zak Evan's wife, Lara, Evan, Jeremy and Dad.


2001 Jeremy and Mom

2002 In February the house Jeremy was living in in Colorado Springs burned down and Jeremy moved in with Grandma Guy until his transfer to Atlanta, Georgia.


2002 Uncle Jeremy drove over from Atlanta to meet his newest nephew, Evan and Lara's son, Hudson, born August 5th.

2003 Mother's Day. Uncle Jeremy and his nephew, Seth, Zak and Cassie's son.